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Top 10 Halloween STEM Activities

Halloween is almost upon us! As the day draws nearer, you are likely looking for quick and easy ways to incorporate Halloween and STEM activities in your classroom. Here are our Top 10 Halloween STEM Activities:

1. Halloween STEM Careers Webquest

Looking to incorporate career exploration into your Halloween themed STEM activities? This Webquest is just what you need! In this fun, prep-free webquest and poster set students will research 23 creepy, crawly, gross STEM Careers and make connections to STEM careers in real life!

2. Build a Skeleton

This Halloween-themed activity is a fun STEM activity for elementary age students. Teach your kids all about how X-rays and then help them create their own skeletons. It’s a spooky family friendly STEM activity that will help kids better understand the human skeleton!

3. Crime Scene Investigation Activity

Another excellent STEM activity for Halloween is our CSI activity.  Help middle school age students learn about forensic science and crime scene investigation by investigating a blunt force crime scene and attempting to figure out whodunnit. It’s a perfectly creepy game that will instantly get everyone in the Halloween spirit plus teach important STEM concepts!

4. Can You Touch with no Hands? Activity

In our Biomedical Engineer lesson plan, your middle schoolers can learn about biomedical engineering in this fun, hands on STEM activity! Students will examine the sense of touch and learn about how engineers help those with bionic limbs. Fun, educational, and perfect for Halloween STEM!

5. How Could Water Kill You? Activity

Acting as forensic biochemists, students will use this game to learn about water contamination and how it can damage the human body. Examine an eerie disease, how it’s related to water, and how biochemists help when water is used in a crime. This STEM activity is informational, enjoyable, and spooktacular!

6. The Mystery of the Supercow Activity

This strange activity will teach middle school students all about animal science and genetics! Examine the bizarre story of the Belgian Blue Cattle and learn how animal scientists have learned to genetically engineer animals. A fun, weird STEM lesson ideal for Halloween!

7. Artificial Intelligence STEM Challenge

AI is an emerging field with tons of new careers being added each year. Learn about the power of Artificial Intelligence with this interactive online mini course, and make your own decisions about whether or not a robot takeover is possible!

8. Punkin Chunkin Engineering Challenge

This super fun engineering game will guide students grades 5 and up through the process of designing and making a pumpkin catapult! Then test your pumpkin launcher while learning about the engineering process. It’s the most fun way to dispose of your jack-o-lanterns you’ve ever seen!

9. Halloween STEM Careers Poster With Online Activities

October is a great time for STEM career exploration, and this poster is the perfect starting point! Following a Halloween theme, this poster includes four STEM careers behind your favorite aspects of Halloween! This poster also includes fun online STEM career exploration activities – a win win!

10. Astronomy STEM Challenge

From hunting for aliens to searching for life on Mars, space is amazing! Try this online Astronomer Mini Course for a Halloween that is out of this world! Develop basic astronomy skills, go on a stargazing scavenger hunt, and more!

All of these Halloween STEM activities are a fun way to begin or end an exciting month of Halloween festivities! Click on the titles above to get started. Happy Halloween!

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