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25 Year-Round STEM Task Cards for Building Bricks!

25 Year-Round STEM Task Cards for Building Bricks!

25 Year-Round STEM Task Cards for Building Bricks!

We love using Legos or other building bricks in our STEM classroom for quick builds or independent stations. Read below for our tips on developing task cards along with 25 ideas for quick build STEM challenges covering fall, summer, winter, and more!

Setting up Lego STEM Stations

STEM stations don’t need to be overly complicated. If your focus is on Stage 1 STEM, we recommend activities that allow for problem-solving, creativity, communication, and strengthening building skills. Independent or small-group STEM stations that provide some supplies and an open-ended task are a great way to do this! They also can keep early finishers occupied or can be used during a free choice day.

All you need are small bags of building pieces and a set of task cards to keep students focused. To stay organized, place building pieces in mesh bags or plastic storage containers. A random selection of pieces works best to promote creativity!

What do you put on a STEM task card? STEM challenges should be open-ended and allow students to be creative in their design. No step-by-step instructions in STEM! A challenge can be as simple as “build an animal with 4 legs,” which requires students to think creatively about how to use available materials to represent something like a spider. Another option is to focus more on problem-solving, such as “design a way to lift a ping pong ball 1 foot.” This requires more of an engineering mindset, and such tasks can set-up a larger more complex Stage 2 STEM challenge.

To get you started, read on for 25+ STEM task card ideas supporting seasons and holidays from around the year!

Summer STEM Task Cards

Let’s kick things off with some summer fun. From splashing in a pool to lying on the beach, here are 5 STEM quick builds that are all about summer!

Water skiing in the summer on a lake is so much fun!  Build a boat and water skis to pull behind it.

Pool slides can be straight or have spiral turns. Build a pool slide and include stairs to climb up.

Neighborhood treehouses are so much fun in the summer. Build a treehouse.

June 14th is known as Flag Day in the USA. Build the American Flag.

Summer picnics are full of watermelon, lemonade, PB&J sandwiches, and ants! Build a picnic basket with a lid to keep the ants out.

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Fall STEM Task Cards

Welcoming pumpkin spice and everything nice, embrace the season and dive into these 5 fun autumn challenges!

Whether you are an American football fan or not, most people know and root for a football team. Build the logo of your favorite football team.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember all of our blessings. We truly have so much to be thankful for. Build something that you are thankful for.

School begins in either late August or September. Many go shopping for new school supplies. Build a container to hold your school supplies.

Farmers harvest many crops in the fall like Brussels sprouts, turnips, radishes, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Build a farm with organized rows of crops.

Parents like to drink warm coffee in the fall and children like to enjoy hot cocoa.  Build a mug to hold your favorite hot beverage.

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Winter STEM Task Cards

As temperatures drop, grab a hot drink, blanket, and supplies for a wintery STEM adventure with these 5 activities!

The coldest place on Earth is Antarctica, where it can reach -144°F! Build a shelter to stay warm from the cold.

Build a sled that can safely go down a steep hill of ice.

In the winter, some birds migrate south to warmer weather. Build a bird’s nest so they will have a home when they return.

In the winter, male reindeer shed their antlers. Build a pair of antlers.

With ice in the Arctic shrinking, more walruses have been moving to live on land. Build a home for walruses that can float on water.

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Valentine’s Day STEM Task Cards

Make Valentine’s Day special with these 5 educational and entertaining STEM quick-builds!

Not everyone likes assorted chocolates. Build a device that recycles chocolates to make the kind you like!

Build a heart cart! Can you make a vehicle that looks like a heart?

People used to believe that the heart is what controlled our thoughts and actions. Build a new symbol for Valentine’s Day besides a heart!

With all of the sweets eaten for Valentine’s Day, we need to promote healthy living. Build a Valentine’s Day themed exercise facility.

Some people go to the movies to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Build a scene from your favorite movie.

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Women’s History STEM Task Cards

Discover women’s achievements in STEM through these 5 captivating challenges!

The American Red Cross, created by Clara Barton in 1881, is still building shelters and caring for people during emergencies and disasters. Clara’s legacy lives on every day for her great work! Build a shelter.  

Jane Goodall was born in 1934. She lived in the jungle for 50 years studying chimpanzees and their social interactions. Build a jungle scene. 

Simone Biles (1997- ) is a 4-time Olympic gold medalist. She is considered the GOAT of gymnastics. GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time. Build your favorite piece of gymnastics equipment.

Marie Curie did a lot of research on radioactivity. Radioactive materials can be dangerous. Build a suit to protect Curie as she works.

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She accomplished this in 1932. It took her 15 hours. Build a plane that Amelia Earhart could have flown on.

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Our growing bundle of STEM task cards covers major holidays and science topics for low-prep stations that only need building bricks or other non-consumable building materials. Just print and go! This activity works well as an introduction to the engineering design process, in centers, or in a Makerspace.


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