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Inside EV startup Fisker’s collapse: how the company crumbled under its founders’ whims

​[[{“value”:” An autonomous pod. A solid-state battery-powered sports car. An electric pickup truck. A convertible grand tourer EV with up to 600 miles of range. A “fully connected mobility device” for young urban innovators to be built by Foxconn and priced under $30,000. The next Popemobile. Over the past eight years, famed vehicle designer Henrik Fisker […] © 2024 TechCrunch….

Hugging Face says it detected ‘unauthorized access’ to its AI model hosting platform

​[[{“value”:” Late Friday afternoon, a time window companies usually reserve for unflattering disclosures, AI startup Hugging Face said that its security team earlier this week detected “unauthorized access” to Spaces, Hugging Face’s platform for creating, sharing and hosting AI models and resources. In a blog post, Hugging Face said that the intrusion related to Spaces secrets, […] © 2024 TechCrunch….

Pitch Deck Teardown: RAW Dating App’s $3M angel deck

​[[{“value”:” The RAW Dating App aims to shake up the dating scheme by shedding the fake, TikTok-ified, heavily filtered photos and replacing them with a more genuine, unvarnished experience. The app targets young professionals and students, particularly women aged 21 to 27, who seek genuine interactions. The company’s team claims it raised a $3 million friends […] © 2024 TechCrunch….