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There’s still time to apply to present at the 2024 Ohio STEM Innovation Summit!

There’s still time to apply to present at the 2024 Ohio STEM Innovation Summit!

If you’re an educator with experience and insight to share, the deadline to apply to present a session at the 2024 Ohio STEM Innovation Summit is coming up on January 22nd. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with and empower other educators at the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s annual conference devoted to strengthening the Ohio STEM community.

This year’s summit has revamped session tracks to align with the pillars of the STEM designation rubric and quality model: Culture for Learning, Learning and Teaching, Pathways to Success in Careers, and Support for Disadvantaged and Underrepresented Groups in STEM.

Proposing a session is a chance to reflect on your own practices and experiences and share the knowledge you’ve gained with your peers.

As Sandra Wilder, Senior Relationship Manager for the Ohio STEM Learning Network, wrote last year in Why educators should present at conferences and how to get started: “The best sessions I have attended were the ones led by practitioners in my field. Their presentations are full of practical and relevant information, rich with stories from their classrooms, and everyone has a chance to share and learn.”

We’ve already received proposals on a wide range of topics – from integrating career pathways into STEM curricula to using generative AI in the classroom. But we’re eager for more ideas and perspectives, especially from STEM educators in Ohio. Think about a lesson, project, or initiative that was successful with your students. How could you adapt it into an engaging conference session?

The proposal process is an opportunity to advocate for the approaches you find valuable while improving your own skills as an educator. Presenting at conferences builds critical abilities like reflecting on your practices, communicating key takeaways, and designing meaningful learning experiences for your audience. As Wilder said, “The most precious thing that educators give at conferences is gift of their time, and sessions they attend should never waste a moment of it.”

You have until January 22nd to submit a proposal and potential session description. Let’s keep the momentum going and make the 2024 Ohio STEM Innovation Summit the most vibrant yet. The STEM community in Ohio depends on educators like you to share your knowledge, empower others, and strengthen our network. Consider contributing your expertise this June!

Need a little inspiration? Here are a few of the presentation proposals we’ve received so far:

Once Upon a STEM

Why Your STEM School Needs a Student Newspaper

Taking Flight:  Using feedback to elevate student voice in the Engineering Design Process

Cultivating Excellence: Personalized STEM Development for Staff

Empowering Tech Creators: A Hands-On Exploration of Code.org’s Unit 7 – AI and Machine Learning

Empowering Students as Technology Creators: An Integrated Approach to Code.org’s Unit 2 – Web Development

Integrating Career Pathway Opportunities in STEM Education

How to Become an Educator, Explorer and Researcher

Creating and Executing a STEM Culture: Building a Brand that is the Model for Excellence

From Text to Tech: Navigating STEM with Generative AI Magic

Making meaningful STEM projects – how to incorporate adaptive toys into your creative classrooms

Changing the future of STEM Education with STEMusic!

Listen to the Students in STEM , and What Their Experiences Have Been Like

Ohio STEM Innovation Summit now accepting presentations

The Ohio STEM Innovation Summit on June 4, 2024 will showcase innovative STEM strategies from teachers and administrators across the state. Are you ready to share your classroom-tested methods? Apply today! Presenter applications close January 22, 2024.

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