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The Best STEM Gift Guide for Kids!

The Best STEM Gift Guide for Kids!

The Best STEM Gift Guide for Kids!

The holidays are approaching, and we are here to help with your shopping needs! Read below for our tips and a free gift guide filled with quality educational gifts for the kids in your life.

What is a STEM gift?

The market is now flooded with toys and games labeled “STEM” but that doesn’t mean that it really qualifies as a quality educational toy. To gauge whether an item is worthy of the STEM education title, we recommend identifying if it meets at least one of the following standards:

It increases knowledge in a STEM field

It increases STEM skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, or scientific inquiry.

It inspires or demonstrates the actions of a STEM career. Think “snazzy lab coat” or a book about STEM careers or famous scientists.

If the item you are eyeing satisfies one of the standards above, you can feel confident that you are contributing in some way to the scientific, engineering, or technical prowess of the recipient!

Find the best deals!

Want to make sure you are getting the best deal? Sign up for camelcamelcamel.com and link it to your Amazon wishlist. You can receive an alert when an item is at your desired price or search an item from Amazon to see graphical information of how a product’s price has changed over time. The website Paribus will also help you by monitoring your purchases from your email account and getting money back if a store lowers its price after your purchase.

STEM Gift Guide

Interested in a full STEM gift guide that takes out the guesswork? We have you covered! You can grab our STEM gift guide in our free resource library – the STEM Space Explorer! All you need to do is to create a free account to access this guide, plus tons of other free STEM education resources!

This gift guide provides an easy-to-use list of gift ideas and books for lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school-aged students. The gift ideas fall into categories of under $10, <$25, <$50, <$100, and greater than $100 to fit in any budget!

Access STEM Gift Guide here!

Happy Shopping!



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