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STEM Halloween Costumes!

STEM Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is coming up fast! With the season of candy and costumes nearly upon us, the time has come to start preparing outfits for trick-of-treating! But what if you wanted to inject a bit of education into your kids’ Halloween ensemble? Turn costume shopping into a moment of learning?

Here are five great STEM costumes that you can make and turn use as an opportunity to educate your kids:


An outfit in the field of medicine is a great way to simultaneously educate your children on what it means to provide healthcare – whether to people or animals – and the countless medical jobs that are out there! In addition to being an easy-to-assemble outfit, it can be a real ego-boost for a kid to dress them up like a healthcare pro – it can make them feel like they can do anything! You can refer to our list of careers to help educate your child on what they’re dressed up as!


Yet another great costume that can serve as both a teachable moment for parents and a confidence builder for kids. Choosing what kind of scientist to dress up as can help a kid learn about all the different fields there are included within the umbrella of science. Some kinds of scientists that your young one can dress up as include animal scientists, computational research scientist, and paleontologist.

Crime Scene Investigator

A fun costume for kids of any grade, a CSI can be a great introduction into forensics and crime scene investigation. You can teach your child what a CSI does on a day-to-day basis, and how they help society. Before you take the kids trick-or-treating, you can even organize and crime scene for your child to investigate! Not sure what crime to orchestrat

e? You can use our very own CSI class project!

Fashion Designer

Not many parents think of fashion designers when they think of STEM careers. Common mistake! Designers are STEM workers just as much as any other STEM worker! In addition to being a teachable moment for your kids, a fashion designer is perhaps one of the most fun costumes out there! You can use each piece of the costume (tape measure, fancy clothes) to explain how math and geometry is used in fashion design!

Yoga Instructor

Another job that isn’t normally associated with STEM, yoga instructors are another fun Halloween costume that can be a real learning experience for the kiddos. A yoga instructor is a simple, easy-to-create costume that can help kids learn just how extensive the fields of STEM really are. Who knows? Dressing up as a yoga instructor might even fuel a newfound interest in exercise in the little ones!


Have fun, and happy haunting!


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