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Scavenger Hunts and Escape Rooms – Easy Prep Activities

Scavenger Hunts and Escape Rooms – Easy Prep Activities

It’s all about easy prep! Scavenger Hunts and Escape rooms that need only printing and handing out! Fascinating topics, nonfiction reading, a few math skills, and high engagement! perfect!

These easy prep activities are fun and full of learning. My scavenger hunts involve reading and rereading. Students search for answers and race around to complete their tasks.

My no-locks escape rooms are enjoyed so much by teachers and students. Easy prep again-with just making copies. I have escapes that feature math, puzzles, and nonfiction reading!

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Let’s Talk About Easy Prep!

One popular thing I have noticed with resources we purchase is the title ‘No Prep’. Now, think about it. This does not really happen in a classroom!

So, let’s just call it ‘Easy Prep’! My easy prep activities are exactly what the title proclaims. It’s easy.

What is involved?

Decide what pages you need

Print the pages

Make copies for students

Cut a few things apart


Now, that is EASY PREP!

My easy prep activities included No Locks Breakouts and Scavenger Hunts!

Escape the Arctic – A No Locks Reading Breakout

Students read a passage that gives information about 5 Arctic animals.

Then they complete 4 challenge sheets. Each sheet features questions that are answered by revisiting the reading passage. Yes! They read and reread and learn!

Students use clues from the questions to find a code number.

When they have a 4-digit code they have escaped! You will love the prep- it’s just printing copies. YOu will also love the reading skills students must practice to complete the breakout.

Escape the Library

In this breakout, students complete 4 task sheets. Each one focuses on a specific book students may have read. The questions refer to events or characters from the book!

It’s a perfect combination of puzzles and reading information!

As with all of my resources, I include a detailed teacher’s guide to help you make choices and get started as easily as possible!

Escape the Blizzard

In this no-locks breakout students complete 4 task sheets and earn a snowflake for each completed page.

Collect 4 snowflakes and you have escaped.

Notice the award certificates in the photo! All of my escapes include a certificate you can copy for students.

Again, easy prep includes providing black/white versions of all pages. I always do!

Escape the Candy Factory

We love this one! In this breakout, students complete math tasks to escape. They collect punches on the Candy Factory ticket as they complete each task successfully.

TIP: When you complete activities like this one use different colors of paper for each task.

This helps with staying organized! It’s so easy to tell students to grab the blue page next as they complete a task.

My resources always include tips like this one!

Animal Adaptations Scavenger Hunt

Here’s another easy prep activity that involves reading!

Students read 10 cards with each having a paragraph. Each card has a question to answer. But HERE IS THE TRICKY PART!

The answer is on another card. Here’s what happens- students read card 1 and its question and then they SEARCH for the answer on another card.

So fun! They read and read and read again. Perfect practice for locating evidence for a question.

Winter Sports Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is all about winter sports. Students read those 10 cards and search for answers

But, there is another fun part. Students fill in the answers to the questions on a grid sheet. The answers fill the grid boxes and some are written in shaded boxes.

Students must unscramble the letters in the shaded boxes to find a mystery word to end the Scavenger Hunt!

I know how hard it is to be in a classroom and need something you can plan and begin to use quickly. My easy prep activities are perfect for you! Which one will you try?


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