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Mazes in the STEM Lab

Mazes in the STEM Lab

Let’s get ready for Mazes Week in the STEM Lab! I try this project every year with different grades in the same week. Students love seeing all the different mazes created by other classes.

It’s an exciting time as they trade mazes and try the paths. But the best part is trying an escape room before we build the mazes!

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Escape the Maze

We begin with this simple escape about mazes. Students must find their way through a maze by completing 4 tasks. Each of the tasks involves using a maze!

Doesn’t that sound fun?

Each task uses a different skill; after solving the task, each team must solve a math problem.

Complete all four tasks and you Escape the Maze!

Paper Plate Mazes

The Paper Plate Maze works perfectly with younger students. They use a sturdy paper plate for the base of the maze and design paths using paper and tape.

Can their marble make it through all their obstructions?

The biggest problem with the one is the marbles that ride over the lip of the plate.

TIP: Give every team a different color marble so they are easily returned to the group that has lost it!

Straw Mazes

The Straw Maze uses two basic materials- straws and clear tape. We place those on the base and decide on the paths before taping them.

TIP: You can use any base but we like the black foam board. Those neon straws look great against that dark background!

Marble Mazes

The Marble Maze is the one I use with 5th graders. This is the most challenging of my maze projects and I save it for the older students.

They must fold heavy-weight paper to make the maze paths and tape them together to create turns and dead-ends.

We also challenge them to decorate the maze in a theme of their choice. Can you determine the theme in 2 of the ones pictured? (Flower Gardens)

TIP: This is a 2-day project!

I hope you try a maze soon or try all three while having an “Ahhh-Mazing” Week!


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