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Math Kangaroo Competition

Math Kangaroo USA organizes a competition for students in grades 1-12 in the U.S. as part of the worldwide Math Kangaroo competition. The competition consists of a single round that is taken on the same date (the third Thursday of March) every year. Thousands of Math Kangaroo students participate from registered centers across the country. The competition is designed to challenge students’ logical reasoning and problem-solving strategies with a variety of creative and engaging questions.

Over the past 26 years, Math Kangaroo USA has assisted more than 300,000 students in enhancing their math skills. Now, the University of Michigan- Dearborn is bringing the Math Kangaroo competition closer to you!

The next competition date is March 21, 2024, and the registration deadline is  December 15th. To register, go to https://mathkangaroo.org and select the University of Michigan – Dearborn center.

All students in grades 1-12, regardless of your school, are welcome to register!



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