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LigerBots win top FRC award at Greater Boston Competition


At FIRST Robotics’ Greater Boston Competition this weekend, the LigerBots, Newton’s dual high school robotics team, showed their star power in the spotlight. This event —  the LigerBots’ second New England District Qualifier — was held over two intense days at Revere High School, with 61 qualifying rounds on Saturday and remaining qualifying rounds, playoffs, and award announcements on Sunday.

From success in the qualifying rounds, the LigerBots were named captain of Alliance 5 for the playoffs, choosing to collaborate with Lobstah Bots and Wolverines as alliance partners. Overall, the LigerBots are now ranked 23th out of 185 teams in New England and have qualified for the upcoming New England District Championship in Springfield.
At this event, the LigerBots also won FIRST Impact Award, the most prestigious award in FIRST, which provides invitations for the entire team to compete in Springfield.
Coach Igor of the LigerBots was named a semi-finalist for the Woodie Flowers Award and will compete for the final award in the New England District Championship at Springfield.
After the matches in Revere, the LigerBots are excited to continue to play strong in upcoming competitions.



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