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International Day of Education: Everyone has a right to education

International Day of Education: Everyone has a right to education

International Day of Education: Everyone has a right to education

Education is a human right – everyone has the right to learn. This year, the theme of the United Nation’s International Day of Education on 24th January is ‘learning for lasting peace’, highlighting the key role that education plays in peace and development.

Education has the power to raise people out of poverty and allows them to achieve their potential in life. However, according to the UN, 250 million children around the world are currently not in school. This means 250 million young people are being denied their right to a brighter future.

At Futurum, we are proud to work with those who are fighting for change.

In many countries around the world, girls are less likely to complete their education than boys:

In Ghana, as in many African nations, girls are not always held in esteem or afforded the same life opportunities as boys. In response, Seth Panyin Boamah founded the Make Abolo Girls Great initiative, an apprenticeship programme providing women street hawkers with education and vocational training. Through this work, women who once sold food on the streets are now running their own fashion and beauty businesses.
In Afghanistan, the Taliban has forbidden all girls over the age of 12 from attending school. About 80% of Afghan girls and young women are currently not in education. In defiance of this oppression, Heela Yoon founded the Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization (AYAPO) to educate young women in peace-building and advocacy.
Many girls and women around the world are denied their right to education, due to social, cultural or political gender bias. Barefoot College International works in some of the world’s poorest communities to train uneducated women to become solar engineers, providing them with a livelihood and their communities with electricity.

We work with incredible researchers around the world who are using their skills to improve society through the power of education:

Professor Jacqueline Cummine is improving literacy rates by uncovering the cognitive processes behind reading.
A team in Southern California is advocating for environmental justice by educating community members about the environmental health hazards they are facing.
E’licia Chaverest is teaching new farmers about the economic, social and environmental factors they must consider when running a successful farming business.
Dr Emil Temnyalov is promoting educational equality by ensuring that all students are treated fairly when applying for university.
Dr Judith Brown Clarke and Dr Wendy K’ah Skaahluwaa Todd are increasing the participation of Indigenous students in geoscience courses by incorporating traditional knowledge in geoscience education.

Thanks to all the amazing people we work with, we create free educational resources to inspire young people to use their education to work towards a brighter future.

Visit www.futurumcareers.com/sign-up to receive our education and career resources.

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