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HMSC exhibition: Surveillance – From Vision to Data

Harvard Museums of Science and Culture has opened a new exhibition, Surveillance: From Vision to Data associated with its Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (1 Oxford Street, Cambridge). The exhibition extends beyond cameras and their watchers to explore the profound influence of data, highlighting historical instruments that have been used to transform individuals and landscapes into data. It explores “how powerful entities, from colonial empires to U.S. intelligence agencies, have harnessed surveillance data to produce and perpetuate hierarchies of human difference.”

On Monday, September 24, 12PM-1PM, there will be a Lunch & Learn exhibit talk during which curators will highlight selected objects and “critical artworks that have resisted now ubiquitous data-driven surveillance.” Registration recommended. Attendees may bring their own lunch.

The HMSC Connects! podcast has a new episode on the exhibit.


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