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Grades 7-10: Register by Mar. 5 for MIT SPARK (Mar. 16-17)


Run by MIT undergraduate and graduate students, SPARK offers students in Grades 7-10 a variety of short, interesting classes on the MIT campus over one weekend, March 16-17 (10AM-6PM on Saturday, 9AM-6PM on Sunday). The registration lottery is open now through 11:59PM on March 5, and until that deadline all course preferences will be treated equally in the lottery. After that, any remaining seats will be open first-come/first-served. Students may choose from about 100 courses and must register on their own. To fill your schedule, rank your top 3 classes and star at least 10 classes per time block. A $70 fee covers two days of classes and lunch and lots of walk-in activities. Generous financial aid is available. For more information not covered here, email spark@mit.edu. Here are STEM courses offered:

Making art with Robots
Linux and open source software
Introduction to Programming in OCaml
Better Coding with Vim: Intro to Keybinds and Configuration
Web Development Crash Course
Tales of the Americas through biology and genetics
It’s Not Rocket Science (Wait, Yes It Is!)
How to Run an Airline
CAD Croc Creations: Make Your Own Jibbitz!
Extreme Engineering
How To Build A Road Legal Solar Car
How do cars work?
Explore ZeroE Aviation!
Tales of Antiquity though engineering
Engineers Without Borders: Projects in Global Development
Pixel Pioneers: Journey into AI Vision & Robotics!
Beyond Numbers: The Adventure After Calculus
Intro to Japanese Soroban
Geometry and Beauty of Soap Bubbles
Mathematical Matchmaking

High Speed Mathematics

Cosmology: The Universe at Large
Seeing is Believing? The Science of Optical and Auditory Illusions
Using ChatGPT
Traveling at the Speed of Light
Introduction to Global Health
Sensory Safari: A Brain Exploration
Flaming Fruit Fusion
The AI Revolution and What it Means for Public Health
COMPOSTING – achieving Sustainability Goals
The Fascinating Physics of Solids
The Strongest Force in the Universe
Let’s Explore the Periodic Table!
Digging Deeper: 4.65 Billion Years in 150 Minutes
What’s in a Nuclear Reactor?
3,2,1 Beyblade Physics!
Let’s Talk about the Weather!
How to be a Linguistic Detective
The Psychology of Superheroes: Understanding the Minds of Fictional Heroes and Villains
Making Waves : An Introduction to Phonetic Speech Analysis


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