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Eco Club


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The Eco Club project was implemented with the children of the 3rd grade of Abovyan Primary School No. 10 (named after V. Hambardzumyan), from 2022 to 2023.

There is a problem of waste sorting all over the world, including Armenia. It is difficult to separate paper, plastic, glass and metal from a huge amount of garbage in landfills. People throw all the garbage together, so there is a problem of sorting and processing it.

All this refers to the protection of the Earth.

Therefore, we decided to create an “eco club”, thanks to which students get knowledge about:

Environmental protection
Waste sorting and processing

For this, courses about nature conservation and its importance were organised in the school for the 3rd grade students. They were provided with detailed knowledge about garbage sorting and recycling, as well as entrepreneurial skills, through which the participants could prepare and sell various items, ensuring their extracurricular employment.

35 students were included in the project, who took part in the informative seminars with great interest. The students listened with great interest and shared their thoughts. Parallel students collected used paper, corks and plastic in order to recycle them. Students’ parents did not throw away the plastic bottles anymore; they collected the papers so that we could give them a second life, and they treated the environment with care.

The collected corks and plastic were given to the recycling organisation and the students recycled the paper themselves. They divided the collected paper among them to recycle it in the way they learned. With the paper they obtained, they made bookmarks and pictures, which were amazing gifts for their teachers and friends, and they also sold some during the exhibition. During this project, the students thought of making trash cans to sort the garbage.

Clean-ups were organised several times both in the school area and in the city. There was great enthusiasm among the students; they loved doing it.

As a result of the project, students received answers to the following questions:

Why and how to preserve nature?
What is waste?
How to sort garbage?
How to give a second life to paper?
How to help our planet Earth?


About the author

Anahit works as a teacher at school. She implements various projects with their students, which helps them to understand things from different points of view. She became Scientix Ambassador this year, for which she is happy because it gives a lot of experience and exchange opportunities.

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