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Coder Experience School launches with in-person classes, for Grade 6 through Adult, starting Feb. 26


Ted Zhu has recently launched Coder Experience School, an “in-person coding school with the goal of promoting Engineering and Software principles to a broader audience.” It offers classes for Grade 6 through Adult in areas such as  web application development, interactive 2D games, and practical electronics. All classes are taught in-person at the Newton Marriott (2345 Commonwealth Avenue), in the Lexington Room on Floor 3.

Spring classes start February 26 and meet on Wednesdays after 4PM. To register, send an email to the address on that page.

Ted Zhu describes himself as “a software engineer with a mission to provide true conceptual-based learning to students wanting to learn how to code and how to become an Engineer.” He believes that “steps cannot be skipped in learning, and that deep conceptual understanding of core fundamentals is the key to success in student learning outcomes.”



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