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Christmas Escape Rooms for Upper Elementary

Christmas Escape Rooms for Upper Elementary

Oh, how we love Christmas Escapes during the month of December! The first time we tried an escape room the students were hooked and when I started creating these events for holidays I was hooked.

The engagement is high because students love the escapes and the competition. And we are secretly practicing skills with every Christmas Escape!

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Three Versions of a Christmas Escape!

I have three different escapes for December. Each has fun components and a different level of prep.

The Christmas Escape

Escape the North Pole

Escape the North Pole with a STEM Challenge

The Christmas Escape

This is a typical escape room with locks and boxes to open.

Students complete three tasks to find the lock code numbers for three boxes.

They will solve math problems, track a path through a maze, and complete a word search puzzle that reveals a code word.

The best news about this one is that it includes a STEM Challenge.

The STEM challenge is to build a sleigh that will carry toys down a zip line. This is a STEM Quick Challenge that can be set up and used in a short amount of time. 

Yes, a zip line! This is such a fun STEM Challenge- all kids love zip lines!

Escape the North Pole

This Christmas Escape has students completing 4 tasks. Each task will lead to an answer- either a number or words. When students show the answer to you, they have “unlocked that task” and will be awarded a “cookie’” The paper cookies are included in this resource. After getting through the last task the team has escaped the North Pole.

The best news about this Christmas Escape is the low prep- just make copies- no boxes or locks!

Escape the North Pole with a STEM Challenge

In this challenge, students will design and build a package to “mail” some cookies. They will have to build a container to hold the cookies and pack them well so there is no breakage. Since it is the Christmas season the package also needs to be decorated as a gift.

At the end of the challenge, students will actually drop their packages to see if they have packed the cookies correctly and then they complete a scoring rubric to see how well they have followed the task rules.

This is the perfect challenge to try with the Escape the North Pole Breakout- it’s all about those cookies!

So, if this busy upcoming month has you worried, just click on any of the images and get more details about these fabulous Christmas Escape events!


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