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Best STEM Summer Camps In San Antonio


Whether you already have a budding scientist on your hands or would love for your child to learn more about technology, attending one of the many STEM camps in San Antonio can be an enjoyable way to further their interest. 

From programs based around robotics and coding to math lessons they’ll actually grow to love, these camps are perfect for keeping kids learning and sociable during the summer. 

All the following camps have one thing in common: the aim is for kids to learn while having the time of their lives. 

Mad Science

Mad Science STEM camps operate throughout the year in the Austin and San Antonio areas. They aim to make science accessible and engaging for every child. Sessions last from an hour to one day or even a full week.

If you think your child will find science boring, think again. Mad Science takes a zany approach to ensure kids are always having fun throughout each session. Think secret coded messages, glowing liquids, and shape-shifting substances as part of their fun science experiments. 

Summer camps take place all over the area at schools, churches, and activity centers. Mad Science welcomes kids ages 3-12. Whether or not they’ve previously shown any interest in rocket science, physics, or chemistry, they’ll grow to like it here. 

Code 4 Bots

Code 4 Bots summer programs are designed to take kids way beyond the boundaries of San Antonio. The idea is to immerse children in the wonderful world of STEM so they can get to grips with coding and robotics. 

This STEM learning provider offers a range of camps to suit your family’s schedule. There are camps, classes, and after-school sessions and if it fits, you can even opt for online tuition instead. 

At Code 4 Bots, there’s a firm focus on robotics through hands-on projects and an online curriculum structured around real-life problem-solving. Robot-making and AI robotics are two of the core themes. 

iCode School

iCode School offers free trial sessions so your child can get a taste of what it’s like to learn to code. Programs are constantly revised and updated to ensure they reflect the latest technology, and kids get their hands on state-of-the-art drones, 3D printers, gaming computers, and robotic kits. 

Their instructor-led classes cover digital design and robotics, as well as coding. Developing students’ soft skills is also a key component, including problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking. The range of classes includes summer and school holiday programs, and iCode School can even earn your children their Girl Scouts STEM badges.

Based in Stone Oak, iCode School is so fun-centered that your child’s birthday party can even be held here.

San Antonio Plastic Bricks

Quality, screen-free time that’s both fun and educational is what it’s all about at San Antonio Plastic Bricks. This leading provider of Kids Lego® Camps in this part of Texas hosts programs to engage and educate your children, all while designing and building their very own brick-based masterpieces. 

Meeting challenges while thinking both creatively and critically is at the core of the curriculum, and self-expression through design and construction is very much valued. Via working as part of a team, kids also develop their communication skills and learn the importance of teamwork.

Many children who attend Plastic Bricks end up strong friendships where all are bonded by their shared love of the humble building brick. Kids between ages 5 and 14 are welcome to join their sessions that are specifically focused on either art and design or engineering.

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St. Mary’s University

As you might expect from a higher educational institution, St. Mary’s University offers STEM programs mainly to high school students, though some are open to younger students and even teachers. 

Options include pre-college medical camp or those focusing on environmental sciences and physics and even those with a focus on building and programming drones and robotics and e-sports. There are even lessons on coding, cybersecurity, and machine learning, so they feature a wide variety of different options.  

The best thing is that many of St. Mary’s choices are completely free to students, subject to a successful application and qualifying criteria. 


The Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS) in San Antonio is offered to students about to enter grades 6 through 12. The camps teach children and teens about US Army medical science and other STEM concepts. Classes are delivered free of charge to successful applicants who are US citizens. 

If your middle or high school student is into the idea of a medical or coding career and enjoys hands-on learning, then the GEM’s camp is worth considering. 

GEM’s lasts four days and is offered at three levels with beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The applications open in February. With stringent requirements and stiff competition for places, so be sure to apply as early as you can. 

San Antonio Zoo Camp

San Antonio Zoo’s outdoor-based school holiday camps are ideal for those who are more switched on by wildlife than science labs. The non-profit organization is all about ensuring a future for animals and taking part in the program teaches young people how to get involved. 

Zoo Camp uses a variety of engaging teaching methods to keep participants interested, including animal visits, games, and activities, and touring the zoological park. They welcome children between kindergarten and 5th grade. It’s an early 8 am start, with pick-up until 3:00 pm or 4:30 pm if you arrange for longer after-care.

The weekly theme camps last between 1 and 5 days. Typical themes include African animals, winged creatures, wildlife careers, and the different careers you can pursue. 

Texas A&M University-San Antonio

ASPIRE summer camps are operated by Texas A&M University San Antonio (TAMUSA) on an annual basis. Hosted at the university, sessions are taught by the likes of research organizations and museums, as well as faculty staff. 

In addition to the core subjects, these programs also encompass art. They are open to 3rd to 5th grade elementary schoolers and 6th to 8th-grade middle school students. 

If you reside in the ASPIRE district, then there is no cost for your child to attend these summer camps, and all required materials are provided. Each camp runs between 9 am and midday for a week. The program ends with Family Friday, allowing your child to proudly share what they’ve learned. 

Girls Inc. of San Antonio

Why a girls-only STEM camp? Because under a third of science and engineering vacancies are currently filled by women. Girls Inc. recognizes that the late elementary and middle school years are a critical time, as that’s when most some students start to lose interest in STEM. 

Young girls will be able to meet and learn from female leaders in the industry. The Girls Inc. programs are as much about building confidence as teaching science, technology, engineering, and math topics. 

To this end, their courses include a 12-week elementary school outreach program, a bi-weekly after-school club for middle school students, and the Eureka course, which girls attend for 5 consecutive summers. The latter is open to rising 8th graders.

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