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Best Online Debate & Public Speaking Classes For Kids

Best Online Debate & Public Speaking Classes For Kids

One of the best ways children learn to develop ideas and communicate with others is through public speaking and debate. That’s why debate classes are a popular way for students to improve their vocal skills.

This is important in today’s environment of social media, where kids miss the opportunity to express themselves face-to-face. Online debate classes encourage students to think things through and present their concepts to others verbally, using research and logic.

If you’re looking for an extracurricular activity that guides your child toward better speaking skills, these classes are a great idea. Dynamic lessons and games make learning and communicating fun. 

The confidence gained during these activities can improve everyday interactions. Many of these schools also offer in-person camps during the summer. 

Debate Camp

Debate Camp offers debate programs for children in grades 4-10, regardless of previous speech and debate experience.

Their classes teach children to think critically, express themselves clearly, and listen to opposing views. The Debate Camp philosophy gives importance to students learning about the larger world around them and speaking up about their ideas and opinions.

By working with others as a team, students master the skills necessary to thrive in their daily lives. Even hesitant students come away from Debate Camp with more confidence and excitement about their new abilities.

Debate Camp positions students according to ability, starting with the right amount of challenge and progressing in a supportive class environment. Their online semester camp ($312) provides eight 2-hour interactive sessions with a small (1:6) teacher/student ratio. 

Each child gets personal attention and direction. The classes are offered at different times, and there are also holiday camps and in-person programs available across the United States and Canada.

Ready Set Debate

Since 2015, Ready Set Debate has been providing children a venue for learning the principles of debate in a rewarding way. With both online and in-person classes and tournaments, students can learn in a format that suits their needs.

Ready Set Debate accepts students of all skill levels, even beginners (ages 10-17) throughout the year. Club time includes practice debates, strategy building, and impromptu quick debates, all with individual coach feedback.

The online courses start at an introductory level, teaching the basics of debate with light homework. They cover critical thinking, organizing notes and thoughts, and practice in different topics and with classmates.

Advanced lessons build on previous experience, further developing research skills, public speaking, and teamwork, all while having fun. The homework enhances the learning process. Advanced students can also participate in tournaments to test their skills.

A typical course fee for a debate course with Ready Set Debate is $50/month, with discounts offered for multiple classes.

Potomac Debate Academy

The Potomac Debate Academy is dedicated to helping each student find their voice and express their opinions. Potomac’s debate and public speaking classes are open to students in grades 2-5 (beginners) and grades 6-12 (advanced).

The full-semester public speaking option takes place 2 times weekly for $975 for 16 weeks. Topics covered include logical thinking, case research, extemporaneous speaking, and voice projection. Children are encouraged to express their views, which carry over to their everyday lives and grow in confidence.

Potomac’s debate courses match expert coaches with beginner or advanced students. Students focus on research topics for debate, learn the format, and practice impromptu debates. The topics are significant world subjects that help broaden their understanding of global concerns.

With Potomac Debate Academy, your kids can begin where they are in ability and move along to become experienced speakers through a series of activities.

Lumos Debate

Lumos Debate believes that when students learn how to speak about the world they live in, they become more confident. Lumos has programs for students aged 9-16, with engaging activities that improve their speaking skills.

With Lumos Beginner Debate Club ($495/semester), students join others in learning to research topics for discussion while studying current events and practicing the art of public speaking.

Their Debate Team includes classes 2-3 times per week, at approximately $895 per semester. There, students continue their practice in 2-hour sessions. They hone their research skills by studying global events and developing debates around these topics. 

At Lumos Debate, each child gets personalized attention focusing on teacher-student trust. Children who join one of Lumos’ programs become composed and more dynamic in all their social and educational interactions. 

They’ll learn all the fundamentals from using evidence and cross-examination to rebuttals. 

American Debate League

American Debate League is a non-profit educational organization committed to helping students learn through debate. Their Debate & Speech Academy is open to upper elementary and high school students, nationally and internationally.

The camps at American Debate teach students to research topics, create arguments for both sides and practice delivering speeches in front of others.

With the American Debate League, students become motivated to express their thoughts and opinions logically, plus have the chance to participate in virtual debate tournaments. They create personal connections and make friends with others worldwide while learning and having lots of fun! 

The conviction and skills gained benefit children in school and help prepare them for college. After-school or weekend classes begin at $395 per course. 

Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate’s instructors are passionate about giving children the tools to excel in public speaking and debate. Their comprehensive summer debate camps are open to middle school and high school students everywhere.

Students at Capital Debate meet together to learn how to research a subject, practice critical thinking, and learn to create arguments.

In this immersive program ($1799) students experience dynamic activities each day. In addition to classroom learning, students regularly use what they learn in actual debates with other students.

Expert coaches share their decades of successful experience for the benefit of the students. Capitol Debate’s small teacher-student ratios make it easy for even hesitant children to overcome shyness and become compelling speakers.

Capital Debate offers 2-week modules over the summer and move students to the next level according to readiness. Their no-pressure approach to debate helps ensure the success of each participant.

Eye Level Flex

Eye Level Flex is a subscription-based home learning program that offers popular debate classes, in addition to math, English, and reading. 

Students from Grades 1-8 learn how to develop and improve public speaking skills. Eye Level Flex’s beginners class teaches the basics and important tips to get started, plus fun speech games and interactive exercises.

The curriculum moves forward to teach proper debate format and skills, giving students the chance to practice as they learn. Short classes of 55 minutes (with a maximum of 10 students) allow for personal attention. Each student learns how to make arguments on age-appropriate topics. 

Teamwork is also encouraged as students formulate their strategies together and compete in front of others. For as little as $80 per month, Eye Level Flex’s flexible courses help children develop critical thinking, gain assurance, and use their newfound skills in their everyday lives.  

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