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Best Books of November 2023

Best Books of November 2023

There are definitely themes for my best books each month. Sometimes I plan it that way and other times it just happens. This month has been almost all romance books…

I did not plan to read only chick-lit books this month, but somehow those were on my next-read lists and next-listen lists. And I keep books on hold at the library, so when the book is ready I check it out! (or lose my place in line)

I did enjoy most of the books, however. And, of course, one was a stinker and will be on my most disappointing books list at the end of the year.

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The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer

What a fabulous premise behind this book! An author that has become a recluse and, although, quite famous, has not written a book in a long time, decides to sponsor a contest.

The winner will receive the only copy of his new book and can do whatever they wish with the copy.

After advertising this contest four people will attempt to win. The 4 people happen to be adults that once ran away to the island where the author lives. (Incidentally, he writes stories that children LOVE!)

And now the 4 runaways have returned to the island to solve puzzles and riddles, and grab the only copy of the last book in the series! Who will win?

Enter the main character Lucy. Raised without her parents for reasons you will find out, Lucy is now 26 years old and desperately wants to win the book so she can use the money from selling it. You will also find out why when you read this book!

Upon arriving on the island the contestants meet with the author, Jack, and his helper Hugo. And the contest begins. I will proudly say I solved the first riddle, but none after that one! In the middle of this frivolity Hugo and Lucy….. well, let’s just say this book might have a little romance in it.

I loved the scenario of this book and I think you will, too! Four stars for this one!

The Connellys of County Down by Tracey Lange

This book opens with Tara being released from prison. Her sister is supposed to pick her up to go home but does not show up.

But who is there that can help her? None other than the police officer who caused her to go to prison in the first place.

Tara arrives home to find her brother and sister still in the house they grew up in just trying to make ends meet. Tara is expected to do her part to help out but cannot get a job- due to her prison term.

And who keeps showing up in unexpected places? The police officer. Yes, the one that arrested her and then brought her home from prison. What is he up to now? (Don’t forget the accidental theme I found in my best books of November…)

Despite the silliness of parts of this book, I did enjoy it. 4 stars because I did love Tara and maybe the cop, too!

Penelope in Retrograde by Brooke Abrams

Penelope is returning home from San Francisco for Thanksgiving. A romance writer Penelope has not been home for 10 years!

Arriving at the airport she is picked up by none other than her ex-husband Smith. Who thought this would be a good idea?

Penny arrives at her parents’ home to be greeted by her twin sister, Phoebe, her parents, and her grandmother Rosie. And a stranger, a man named Martin. Martin becomes a possibility for Penny immediately because she really, really wants to appear to have a boyfriend. Because, of course, Smith has a girlfriend.

Ahhh… such a typical chick-lit book, but I really liked this one! It was quirky, fun, laugh-out-loud funny a few times, and ended sweet. Perfect! It’s the just right kind of book when you do not want to think too hard! Ha! I gave the book 4 stars!

Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

The much-anticipated sequel to Fourth Wing was a disappointment to me!

I will give you a few details below and a couple of reasons I liked it. If you enjoyed the first book, you should definitely try this one and make up your own mind!

The Pros:

The dragons. As they were in the first book, the dragons continued to be hilarious. They are really the best part of the books.

The relationship of Violet and Xaden is over-the-top but toned down a bit in this book.

Violet, despite her petite size, is awesome. She does not back down from anything.

The Problems:

The book is too long. Three hundred pages could easily be cut out and it would be so much better.

Although I like Violet, she is too whiny at times and spent 200 of those extra pages mentioned above whining.

There are a lot of new characters. Like A LOT.

The author does a great job of weaving in the back story of everything and the history, but it gets really old fast and occasionally reads like nonfiction.

There are a few storylines I disliked and I think could have been left out without hurting the main book at all.

I gave it 4 stars but it was still disappointing!

As you can see the romance theme was strong in this month’s best book list! Which one will you try?

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