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9 Best Online Art Classes For Kids 2024

9 Best Online Art Classes For Kids 2024

Learning about art can be a rewarding experience for children, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through a preferred medium. It has never been easier for kids to learn about art thanks to the availability of technological advancements with online art classes.

Children can begin their art journey entirely online with classes they attend at their own speed or live with an instructor. There are almost zero barriers to entry, so with just a few supplies and a desire to create, children worldwide can open the world of art for themselves in ways they never imagined.

These amazing online art classes give students a way to make their imaginations a reality.

1. Nimmy’s Art

Nimmy’s Art is a live-learning platform offered to children 5-12. For just $40 a month, kids get 4 live lessons, access to class replays, and optional homework for practice between sessions.

Access to the academy is included, and this gets kids over 120 video lessons so they can learn on their own time outside of class. The thriving and exclusive community at Nimmy’s Art is a huge bonus, where students can bounce ideas off of peers and enjoy an environment of collaboration.

Discounts are available for siblings, so this is a great value for families who have children around the same age interested in art. NImmy’s Art provides you with a list of materials needed for each class and parents are welcome to get them from any art store.  

2. How to Draw: Animal Art Club

Outschool hosts classes of every variety for kids to stay engaged outside of school hours. Animal Art Club is one of these options run by Miss Jenny’s Studio and it teaches kids 4-8 how to draw their favorite animals they might have as pets or see at the zoo. 

The class meets once a week for a 40-minute session. Children follow step-by-step instructions on how to draw a cartoon animal from start to finish. There are abundant opportunities for them to learn new things and socialize with others who also enjoy creating.

Outschool provides its online classroom platform and hosts the learning materials, so students just need a few supplies and a desire to learn. Classes are $15 a week and can be canceled at any time. Miss Jenny’s Studio also hosts classes for older teens. 

3. Carla Sonheim Presents

Carla Sonheim Presents is a catalog of online courses available for purchase individually based on what a child might want to learn. There are many different media options to choose from with lessons covering illustration, mixed-media painting, printmaking, drawing, and even paper mache. Prices for the individual courses range anywhere from around $20 all the way up to $170 for some of the more involved lessons.

Live sessions are available a couple of times a month and each of these classes includes 10 lessons for right around $90. Students are encouraged to join the forums and enjoy these classes together, adding a social aspect to their learning. The instructors are involved every step of the way and include tips and tricks for each student to help them improve their work.

4. The Little Art School

The Little Art School offers a complete lesson plan including all of the necessary supplies and course materials in one convenient package. It’s intended for complete beginners to be able to establish some of the most basic skills and build upon this foundation to go forward and learn about more advanced topics like tone and color theory.

A one-time fee of £350 plus shipping gets students everything they need to succeed. All of the supplies, 30 level-one lessons, and one full year of access to the course materials and forum to discuss their work. Students can also opt for a 9-month or 12-month payment plan to spread out the cost.

If you’re looking to enroll your child from outside the United Kingdom, you’ll need to contact The Little Art School to get the full details on any additional shipping costs required.

5. Art Kids Academy

Art Kids Academy hosts virtual classes for children 5 and over through its website in partnership with Eventbrite. The classes are highly detailed with a 6 camera setup to present the materials from every angle. 

Step-by-step demonstrations teach children some of the basics in an educational and entertaining fashion. Sessions are only 30-40 minutes a piece and can easily be fit into an already busy schedule at any time of the school or summer season.

Classes at Art Kids Academy are only $20 per session and allow an unlimited number of students to join in the fun. Kids only need a basic set of supplies and a desire to learn art to participate. While most of their programs last 6 weeks, you can still sign up anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and in between. 

6. Sparketh

Sparketh features a massive collection of over 1000 art lessons for kids 6-18. Everything is covered by the catalog including abstract art, drawing, manga, painting, portraits, and technique videos from beginner to expert.

Kids can use any device to watch videos on Sparketh meaning they can follow along anywhere and at any time they like. It’s a great way to fit art education into their spare time and is available 24/7, 365 days a year thanks to Sparketh’s online video library.

For just $250 annually or $25 a month, children gain access to everything with course material downloads, monthly one-on-one mentorship, and new lessons as they are posted. All accounts come with access for two students, so it’s a great value for families with more than 1 child.

7. Art School of San Francisco Bay

Art School of San Francisco Bay utilizes Zoom and pre-recorded lessons to teach fundamental art concepts. There are over a dozen different instructors, and students get to learn about things like illustration, digital painting, sketching, and Manga. In the past, they’ve also offered animation classes.

Classes are available on weekday afternoons between 1:30-8:00, meaning kids 4-18 can make the most of their after-school time. This makes these classes a great addition to an existing extracurricular program focused on the arts.

Summer camps are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with focused in-person instruction over five-day periods. Art School of San Francisco Bay also has locations in San Jose and Mountain View. 

8. Art for Kids Hub

The Art for Kids Hub is a popular YouTube channel that hosts over 2,000 free video lessons for those just starting their art journey. The videos cover drawing and painting, and there are even arts and crafts guides to explore in Origami.

If you would like to have access to the video library without ads and the built-in distractions of YouTube, check out the Art for Kids Hub website. There are paid subscriptions available that allow children to watch the whole library in an uninterrupted built-in media player. It only costs $6 a month to join, and there is a 7-day free trial to check out their lessons.

The owners of Art for Kids Hub are a family and hope to pass along their love of art to as many children as possible. With a subscriber base of over 7 million, they are doing quite well in that aspect.

9. The Art Studio NY

The Art Studio NY has been NYC’s #1 art school since 2004, and in addition to their in-person classes for children and adults, they have expanded to include online lessons. 

There are lessons for kids as young as five and adults, making it a fantastic one-stop shop for a family-friendly activity. Classes at The Art Studio NY are live daily and feature work in all disciplines including watercolor painting, digital art, oil painting, and more. 

These are courses with a limited number of seats available so stop by the website to get the most up-to-date information on availability and pricing. Look at their calendar as they sometimes run special events each year. 

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