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8th graders: Early College Application

Hello 8th graders, 

The link to complete the HFEC/MFG/Education Application is below.  Before you click and begin completing your application take note these things:

1.               HFEC/MFG/EDU are full day high schools, Monday through Friday, 8am-2:30pm with bus transportation to and from your DPS home high school

2.               These high schools are open to incoming 9th graders who can commit to 5 years. 

                                                         i.      Students who are successful, will receive their high school diploma AND 2 years of college credit, paid for by Dearborn Public Schools in 2029.

3.               These high schools are located on HFC Main Campus, 5101 Evergreen, Dearborn MI  48128 (BLDG A, Lower Level)

4.               TO BEGIN THE APPLICATION You must be logged into YOUR school email account, NOT a friends or moms etc

5.               When you click the link, the first page is just information, READ IT!

6.               After you hit NEXT, you will be in the application process, make sure your parents are with you when you complete the application for their contact information. 

7.               Recommendation letters will be sent after testing (Reading on a Saturday in March) no date has been set yet

8.               Last year we received almost 500 applications.  Please be patient and check your email often.  It is very important to include not only your email but other family members as well

9.            1 application per student and application may not be edited/changed after you click submit

Here are the essay questions to help you prepare

Why do you want to attend our school?

What career are you interested in?

What steps do you plan on taking to fulfill your career goals?


APPLICATION IS HERE–https://forms.gle/XKRp6ZGUfTR9uiqU8

Genovia Peterson, LPC

School Counselor

Dearborn Magnet HS & STEM MS



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