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3 STEM Activities to Try During Your Winter Break

Put your winter break to good use! While home for the holidays, take some time to explore your interests in STEM, try new things, and continue on the path to your future STEM career! Here are three fun STEM activities to try:

Play STEM Games

Take a step a way from WOW and Minecraft for at least a few minutes and try some fun STEM games! If you love space, check out NASA’s collection of games. Interested in engineering? Try these engineering & other STEM games. Is forensics for you? Play this game with the cast of CSI!

Try Citizen Science

Citizen Science is just what the name sounds like – everyday citizens doing real science! There are hundreds of citizen science projects going on, where you work as a real scientist to observe and collect data within your local area. That data is then used by actual researchers and scientists. Talk about putting your winter break to good use! Citizen science can also be a great resume booster for high school students, and is a great way to gain hands-on experience in your field of interest. See my favorite citizen science projects to get started with here.

Learn to Code

Did you participate in the Hour of Code this month? If you loved it, you might be looking to take the next step in exploring your interests in computer science. Check out these 7 ideas to expand on your Hour of Code experience! Missed the Hour of Code? No problem! Join the millions of students who have tried it at any time. Click here to get started!

Explore STEM Careers

Put your winter break to good use by exploring tons of STEM careers – use the Career In STEM Explorer today!

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