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Top Science Internships


An internship is the perfect first step in achieving your dream career. You get plenty of work experience, you are mentored by a seasoned pro, and you can even earn college credits or some spending cash!

Internships can help you advance your STEM career and gain valuable experience before you begin a job in your field of choice. But with so many internships across the country, how do you even know where to start? In this first blog within our new Top STEM Internships series, we’ll tell you all about the best internships to be found in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Here are five of the best science internships:

1. Chabot Space and Science Center Internship
The Chabot Space and Science Center offers an internship for college students in undergraduate or graduate schools. The internship is tailored for students hoping to work at a science museum, as interns will gain a “hands-on experience in exhibit development”. They’ll work with exhibit technicians, content developers, volunteers, and managers. This internship is ideal for anyone who is interested in informal STEM education, community outreach, and nonprofit programs.

2. Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience Summer Research Internship
The Summer Research Internship allows high school students to work with neuroscience researchers in a laboratory setting. The internship is a six-week, full-time program for students interested in “brain structure, function and development, and the advanced imaging techniques and technologies used in neuroscience”. Work with MPFI scientists on research projects, write an abstract on research, and give a brief presentation on your work at the end of the internship program! This internship is a great program for any high school student looking to work in the field of neuroscience!

3. The Wistar Institute’s Summer Research Program in Biomedical Research
The Wistar Institute’s research program helps high school students interested in biology and biomedical theory gain a deeper understanding of these fields. The program will allow interns to work with Wistar Institute lab teams and scientists as they work on an assigned research project. There will also be an afternoon seminar given each week, taught by scientists at the Institute. At the end of the program, interns will give a presentation on their research project as well as a written report. The program is awesome for anyone looking to start a career in biological science and research!

4. Kopernik Observatory and Science Center Internship
If you are passionate about space, New York state’s Kopernik Observatory offers an internship program for a handful of lucky high school students. The internship provides high school students with the opportunity to assist staff members with various programs and classes that the center offers, allowing them to gain experience in working with telescopes, manning a cash register, and working in an observatory. Interns will also walk away with a letter of recommendation, which will surely help in University applications! This internship is great for any students looking to work in the field of astronomy.

5. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Horticulture Internship
Brooklyn’s Botanic Gardens’ Horticulture Internship is a paid internship meant for anyone 18 or older who wants to work in horticulture. It is a nine-month program that allows interns to work with the Botanic Garden’s Horticulture staff in a hands-on experience. Interns learn about the basics of horticulture, participate in group projects, and attend workshops taught by the Gardens’ staff. The interns will also learn about what careers at which locations they can hope to pursue upon the completion of their internship. Perfect for anyone who loves plants!

Hope this list helps you find the perfect science internship! For further reading, check out these two lists of science internships:

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