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LigerBots at the FRC World Championship


The LigerBots, Newton’s dual-high-school FIRST Robotics team, traveled to Houston April 17-20 to compete in the FIRST World Championship — an international competition that caps the FIRST robotics competition season. This was the first time in six years that the LigerBots had qualified for “the Worlds” — joining 600 other teams from 58 countries.

The LigerBots qualified for the FIRST Championship by exceling in tough qualifying events and the New England District Championship:

At the Greater Boston Event, the team won the FIRST Impact Award, the most prestigious award in FIRST.
In the New England District Championship, the LigerBots with their two alliance partners scored the highest number of points in the whole competition.

At the FIRST World Championship, the LigerBots achieved 6th place out of 75 teams in the Johnson division qualifying rounds, which qualified the team to be a 5th seed alliance captain in the playoffs. They formed an alliance with teams from Bolton (MA), Laurens (SC), and Australia. In fiercely competitive matches, their alliance emerged victorious in several rounds and unfortunately concluded with two close losses.

While in Houston, the LigerBots explored the event’s Innovation Expo full of booths from colleges and leading technology companies, with opportunities to interact with a 3D milling machine and to try welding on a high-tech simulator. Some team members took on roles as FIRST student ambassadors, guiding VIP guests around the venue, while others volunteered to reset fields or served as judges in different divisions. Some explored NASA’s Johnson Space Center while others visited Houston’s aquarium.

Congratulations to all LigerBots students and coaches for an impressive year of dedication, achievement, and fun.

Many thanks to LigerBots student leader Davis for providing essential information for this article, which originally appeared in Fig City News.



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