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Harvard Museum of Natural History: Summer Science Weeks


Registration is open for Summer Science Weeks at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (26 Oxford Street, Cambridge):

July 15-19: Museum Makers (entering Grades 1-3)
July 15-19: The Ins and Outs of Skeletons (entering Grades 4-6)
July 22-26: Blue Planet: Life at Sea (entering Grades 3-5)
July 22-26: Exploring Life on a Page (entering Grades 6-8)
July 29-August 2: Spineless Wonders (entering Grades 1-3)
July 29-August 2: Grab Your Sketchbook (entering Grades 4-6)
August 5-9: Amazing Animals (entering Grades 1-3)
August 5-9: Invertebrate Investigators (entering Grades 4-6)
August 12-16: Uncovering Geology (entering Grades 4-6)
August 12-16: Earth Explorers (entering Grades 1-3)


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