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Empowering educators with coding as an integration specialist


Ohio educators, seize this opportunity to enhance your teaching skills in computer science. Today is the final day for priority applications for a range of courses from the Ohio STEM Learning Network including Computer Science Discoveries, Computer Science Principles, and Computer Science A. Elementary teachers can also apply for the Computer Science K-5 Program. After May 1, 2024, applications will be approved as space allows.

Here’s a letter from Amanda Whitmore, a Technology Integration Specialist and STEAM support in the Youngstown City School District. Amanda’s experience with our Code.org workshop has empowered her to integrate computer science into her district’s curriculum. Read on to discover her journey and the impact of computer science education in her classrooms:

I am a Technology Integration Specialist and STEAM support in the Youngstown City School District. I work with K-5 teachers to help support them with integrating technology into their lessons. I also work with the STEAM specialist to create their pacing guides and support them with their lessons. In previous years I was a general education teacher in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, as well as a STEAM teacher in grades K-5.

Last year, I decided that one of my weaknesses was coding and computer science.

When I heard about the OSLN Code.org workshop, I knew it would help me grow in this area. I chose to join to make new connections and to get more ideas for our STEAM curriculum and pacing guide. What I didn’t realize was how this was actually going to fit my job as a Technology Integration Specialist instead. I received a tool belt full of amazing activities and lessons to help support the teachers in K-5 with their standards using computer science.

Computer science has become very important due to the need in future careers. In order to do this, I have to show the teachers the benefit of teaching it in their classrooms. Teachers in our district should know and understand the importance of teaching scholars computer science and how it will benefit them in the future. I will be using the activities learned and Code.org to support the teachers. I started with our annual technology conference. I held two presentations that gave teachers ideas and examples using Code.org.

I am very excited about the outcome of the cohort. I am excited to get teachers involved in more computer science learning and use it in their classrooms. The colleagues and friends I made during the cohort have been supportive throughout the beginning of the school year and it is great to have that support when needed.

Tailored options for every grade level

Priority applications close May 1, 2024

Elementary teachers, learn to enhance math, ELA, and science instruction with computer science. OSLN’s year-long professional learning experience for K-5 integrates computer science standards into these core subjects.Through a mix of unplugged activities and curriculum integration, teachers can join peers statewide to cultivate early computational skills in young learners. Learn more and apply.Program: OSLN Computer Science K-5 Program (Grades K-5)
From broadening participation in middle school to college-level programming, OSLN has brought nationally tested professional learning programs backed by Code.org to hundreds of Ohio teachers. Get the support you need to bring computer science education to your school or take students further.Programs: Code.org Computer Science Discoveries (Grades 6-10), Code.org Computer Science Principles (Grades 9-12), and Code.org Computer Science A (Grades 9-12)

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