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Earth Day STEM Activities


Earth Day STEM Activities

Looking for some fun Earth Day STEM Activities that students can do from home or in class? Check out this list of five fun STEM activities for Earth Day – all 15% off every Wednesday in April!

Sustainability Analyst Challenge: The Sustainability STEM Challenge is a self-guided distance learning mini course for teens to learn what a sustainability analyst does, and test drive the career through fun online activities.

5 Sustainability Methods You Never Knew Existed Mini Research Project: In this lesson students will begin by taking an online Ecological Footprint test and assess sustainability of their own lifestyle. In online groups, students will brainstorm ways to increase sustainability, and then will embark on a mini research project to explore 5 Sustainability Methods You Never Knew Existed.

Environmental Science Careers Webquest: In this inquiry-based webquest, students will explore a wide variety of careers in environmental science, from remote sensing specialist to forester. Students will identify key career information (salary, education, etc.), and will make sustainability connections for each career through career-focused games and web-based activities.

Environmental Science Poster Set: Three posters featuring cool environmental science careers, each with interactive online STEM career exploration resources.

Resource Availability Mini Gardening Unit: Acting as agricultural engineers, students will build their own garden then collect, analyze, and interpret data from their gardens to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations.

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