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Celebrating Student Innovation at the #STEMorbitsOhio State Showcase


Friday, the Ohio STEM Learning Network hosted the State Showcase for the #STEMorbitsOhio Design Challenge at Battelle’s headquarters. This event celebrated the innovation and hard work of all participating students, culminating in the announcement of the state winners of the challenge. Read on for a photo album from the event, state winners, and a full listing of all the schools that qualified for the showcase.

The #STEMorbitsOhio Design Challenge asked students to tackle a unique problem: “How do we improve the health and well-being of astronauts aboard Starlab orbiting the earth? Develop a plan, system, or product to positively impact the sustainability of the physical and/or mental health of those living in space for an extended period of time.”

The State Showcase brought together the top 21 teams from across the state. In total, more than 70 students from around the state attended the event. The event featured a keynote address from Emily Matula, EVA Certified Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA Johnson Space Center. Matula spoke about the importance of persistence in achieving her dream of working at NASA.

Students also heard from Steve Dackin, the Director of the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce, Matt Vaughan, Battelle‘s President of Applied Science and Technology, Howard Greene, Director of STEM Education and Outreach in Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, and OSLN Director Kelly Gaier Evans.

The speakers celebrated students’ accomplishments and urged them to continue building STEM habits of mind in preparation for future success, including careers at Battelle and Ohio State University.

Students then showcased their solutions during a poster session. During the showcase, scientists from Battelle engaged with these young innovators, asking questions and learning both about the solutions students created and the learning process.

This event was the seventh annual statewide design challenge hosted by OSLN, as a service to all schools in the state. OSLN is a public private partnership between Battelle and the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce.

The state winners of the #STEMorbitsOhio Design Challenge are:

Elementary: Alliance Intermediate School
Middle school: St. Mary School, Chardon
High school: Marysville STEM High School

OSLN extends its congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and innovative solutions. The dedication to exploring the world of space exploration and other fields while prototyping real-world solutions to current problems is truly commendable. OSLN looks forward to seeing what these bright minds will achieve in the future!

Top 21 teams

Alliance Intermediate
Bio-Med Science Academy
Chilicothe Intermediate
Chillcothe Primary School
Chillicothe Intermediate School
Dayton Regional STEM School
Gandorf Elementary
Hathaway Brown
Hilliard Brown Elementary
Hoffman Trails Elementary
Indian Hill Middle School
Indian Hill Primary School
Ironton Middle School
Kinder Garden School (West Chester)
Little Miami High School
Marysville STEM HS
St. Mary School (Chardon)
St. Paul School – Elementary (Salem)
St. Paul School – Middle school (Salem)
Unioto Elementary
Van Buren Elementary

Showcase photos

Check out the album of pictures from the day and comment to identify your school!

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