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Best STEM Curriculums for K-12 Schools


STEM is the future of education, and schools that hope to be a part of it need to adopt a curriculum for these in-demand skills. Children all around the world are beginning to learn about STEM at a younger age, and the basics begin as early as elementary school. This can put students on the track to success from the start of their educational journey and all the way through to college and a career.

STEM can serve as the entire curriculum or as an addition to an existing curriculum, giving students the skills they need to succeed. Implementation of a STEM curriculum is easy, thanks to the availability of platforms and resources provided by companies. Elementary to middle and high schools of all sizes can benefit from the addition of STEM curriculums at every grade from K-12.

Finding the right STEM curriculum for your school can take some research so with the help of the programs mentioned here, your students can learn about STEM and have a unique set of advantages in this technologically driven future.


STEM Fuse has courses available for students of all grade levels between K-12 covering the full range of subjects. The course library by STEM Fuse is designed to engage the core concepts underlying STEM principles and teach English and social studies to round out the curriculum.

Children will be able to develop their creative and logical thinking, gain a better understanding of the design process, and learn about the wonders of collaboration. Kids who are just starting their STEM journey will learn the ropes in fun ways through coding activities and games, as well as 3D print and design projects. Middle and high school students take on more advanced challenges and work together to solve real-world problems.

In addition to STEM classes, they offer learning material in the fields of business, agriculture, professional development, and natural resources. There is something here for students with all types of interests. 

All courses include over 300 hours of curriculum, hands-on and interactive resources, and full support for teaching staff. A free demo is available for interested schools.

STEM Education Works

STEM Education Works is on a mission to promote children’s growth in the STEM fields and beyond through its offerings. They accomplish this by delivering affordable and easy-to-implement STEM curricula and technologies that represent the cutting edge of what is available.

The most comprehensive program available through STEM Education Works is a full K-12 curriculum. This exceptional program provides relevant, real-world tools of the trade and industry-standard practices that can prepare students for a degree and career in STEM. Students get all they need to succeed, and teachers will get all the support required through training from professionals at STEM Education Works.

Through effective curricula and the latest tech, STEM Education Works is helping to inspire the next generation of leaders. Students can find themselves on the fast track to success as, typically schools that adopt the curricula of STEM Education Works can expect excellent graduates who end up pursuing STEM careers. 

If you’re interested in learning more, visit the website for further details, including the full list of classes at your disposal. 

EiE Youth Engineering Solutions

EiE Youth Engineering Solutions helps students become confident, career and college-ready individuals capable of solving problems through their STEM curriculum. EiE provides all of the training, classes, and supplies, giving schools all they need to successfully implement this valuable set of resources for students. 

The curricula offered by EiE are catered to serve students preK-8. The program starts with an early childhood education that gets kids thinking more like engineers while engaging their attention span and interest level. 

Elementary Engineering offers a flagship program to elementary students in grades 1-5 introducing the fundamental concepts of STEM to establish a foundation for future success. Flexible Engineering brings the knowledge into practice as middle school students between grades 3-8 use the information gained to produce real-life projects. There is also integrated STEM which covers computer science topics. 

Creating a STEM mindset is the goal of EiE Youth Engineering Solutions. Students, teachers, and the support staff at EiE help to develop a culture of collaboration and curiosity. Get in touch with an EiE representative to see how their program can be used at your elementary or middle school.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers the tools to integrate STEM learning into any school’s existing curriculum or as a standalone product. An interdisciplinary approach to STEM education blends interactive digital content with ready-to-use lessons. A full suite of embedded support tools is provided for teachers and staff to make the best of these technologies.

The Discovery Education platform brings the power of over 200,000 standards-aligned resources, teaching and assessment tools, and professional learning strategies to help students achieve demonstrable success. This award-winning content creates an excitement around learning STEM that students and teachers alike can enjoy.

The technology used by Discovery Education is being utilized by over 4.5 million educators and 45 million students in more than 140 countries around the world. It’s made to integrate with any existing educational software system. Request a demo today to see what it can do for your students and add your school to this impressive resume.

STEM 101

STEM 101 is a non-profit organization that aims to provide STEM educational resources to the most students possible between middle and high school. It’s designed for all schools and comes easy to implement.

The curriculum at STEM 101 begins with the investigation of the core concepts that make up the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students will then move on to the practical application of these fields through hands-on and interactive learning opportunities. 

The middle school courses cover over 400 hours of fundamental material giving kids a foundation to build upon. The high school courses take this to the next level, providing over 3000 additional hours of material to build competency across fields. At this stage, students will have the chance to work on projects that produce real-life results to solve the problems of the future.

The program at STEM 101 boasts an impressive record of producing successful educational outcomes, allowing more students to realize their dreams of college. It also builds upon the natural curiosity and creativity that children already possess to help them imagine the future they can help build.

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