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Best Online Schools For Gifted Students


The benefits of online schools for gifted students are worth considering for those outpacing their classmates in traditional schools. Through these schools, students can engage with like-minded peers on the same level as them, work at a pace they are comfortable with, and enjoy access to a wider range of advanced studies for their grade level.

Students can access classes they wouldn’t be able to otherwise in a traditional school setting and satisfy their intellectual cravings. Online schools for gifted students are available at every level of education, from pre-K to undergraduate studies and beyond. 

Choosing the right program for your child can be daunting, but we include some fantastic options to make a decision more straightforward. 

Davidson Academy Online

Davidson Academy Online believes that educating gifted students is about challenging and placing them in an environment that places no limitations on what they can learn. Through Davidson Academy, students will find a welcoming community of their intellectual peers and a teaching staff that understands the needs of exceptionally talented students.

The core of the educational experience at Davidson Academy Online focuses on six fundamental elements. The rigorous curriculum meets the learning needs of gifted students. Dynamic classes help children focus on creative thinking and problem-solving. By providing experiences outside the classroom, students get to enjoy a well-rounded, worldly education. 

Students are grouped by demonstrated ability as opposed to age, placing them alongside peers of a similar intellect. Different discussion strategies are utilized and encouraged, promoting high-level thinking as opposed to memorization. All subjects will feature multiple right answers and a debate as to the merits of multiple solutions.

Days are structured around multiple live sessions where children have the chance to participate in discourse with their classmates and instructors. This is where most of the work of learning and discussions with others takes place. Every day also includes several hours blocked out for independent study and homework. They accept students from the United States and Canada, with students in Nevada being able to enroll for free.  

Excel High School

Excel High School provides students with a completely online alternative to traditional in-person education throughout middle and high school, with support every step of the way.

There are several course programs offered through Excel High School. There are full and part-time high school classes, but also college prep, honors, and advanced placement for your gifted students. This is an excellent way for them to earn college credits while still in high school with electives and advanced STEM courses like computer engineering, mechanical engineering, introduction to accounting, marine science, and so much more.

Learning at Excel High School is self-paced and available to all enrolled students anytime. This means that education never has to take a back seat to living life and vice versa. It allows students the chance to earn a full high school education and a diploma from an accredited online institution on their own time.

Graduates of Excel High School have gone on to become students at a variety of universities around the country including Arizona State, Michigan University, Duke, Baylor, and plenty of other elite institutions. 

High school is an important stepping stone in a lifelong education and Excel High School can help most kids achieve this first step. For adult learners and those in alternative educational paths, there are also programs for a fast path diploma, homeschool, and online summer school.

Northgate Academy

Northgate Academy offers an accredited Christian-based education entirely online for high school students. They provide the flexibility for a gifted student to truly shine. National education standards and the Christian worldview are blended seamlessly to provide students of all ages with the highest quality education.

The standard program consists of 10 months worth of classes and advanced students can choose an accelerated course that is completed just as quickly as they like. It can provide a full high school education in a fraction of the time.

Their courses can cover an entire high school curriculum, college prep, and summer school. The program is a self-paced course of study with full-time support from a group of caring educators and staff. It’s a form of flexibility that students don’t get from a traditional school experience and allows them to learn in their own best way in the most organic way possible.

Northgate Academy utilizes a state-of-the-art modern learning management system that is available at all times for students to hop on and work on their classwork or communicate with their instructors and classmates. 

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy combines the one-on-one attention of an instructor with a full online curriculum with a STEM approach and the option of attending in-person campuses across the country. Parents can choose whether to enroll in a full online learning program or a hybrid mixture. 

Fusion Academy gives kids a chance to incorporate a traditional school experience in a mixed environment. This is a fully accredited program where students learn at their own pace and in a style that suits them best. 

The standout feature of the education received from Fusion Academy is the student-to-teacher ratio of 1:1. Every child gets their very own instructor and they work together at the student’s pace to achieve academic excellence. A customized schedule is created that will best suit the busy lives of students and families as they navigate days filled with education, quality time, and extracurricular activities.

Students engage with one another through the Virtual Homework Cafe, where peers come to discuss classwork and life in general. It’s a very pro-social environment that encourages participants to be a part of a larger community of learners. Fusion Academy counselors and tutors are always there to help students prepare for important exams like the ACT/SAT so they can get into top colleges. 

ICL Academy

ICL Academy produces high-achieving champions in life through its online education that prepares talented students for college through its college-like scheduling. Every student enjoys an education that is tailor-made to blend seamlessly with their passions and interests allowing them to learn how they want while achieving academic excellence.

The Impact Learning Model is the heart behind all of the student success at ICL Academy, and it consists of five crucial pillars. Academics are tailored to the passion of the individual. All students become a part of an inspirational community. They’ll receive mentoring from world-class champions and leaders in the sports and business fields. Character building and leadership through service help students to make real changes in the world. 

The Impact Learning Model can help students achieve their goal of getting accepted into the college of their choice through dynamic counseling and placement assistance provided by the staff of ICL Academy.

The synergy that students can achieve with ICL Academy makes it a wonderful choice for student-athletes who want to combine their love of sports with a high-quality education. Their style of teaching can help your kids become high achievers in the classroom, in the boardroom, and on the field. 

Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School brings the prestige of this hallowed collegiate institution to students in grades 7-12 from all over the world. Students from 48 states and over 40 countries have done their program and enjoyed the challenges of a post-AP and university-level curriculum.

As with many schools for gifted students, Stanford Online High School places kids based on ability as opposed to age. This is advantageous in putting students with their closest peers in terms of intellect and giving them the best chance to excel where they start. 

Personalized 1:1 attention throughout their journey at Stanford Online High School gives students the help they need during their time inside and outside class and beyond as they make their way to college. They are taught by Stanford OHS instructors with the majority of them having PhDs in the fields. 

Student Life is crucial to the experience with Stanford, and it’s made possible through a combination of online events and optional regional in-person meet-ups. Just because they’re learning online doesn’t mean it has to be a solo affair. Students are encouraged to participate and be part of the community of their peers and partners in education.

Online G3

Classes at Online G3 are tailored to meet the needs of exceptional students, providing them with the right balance of engagement and advancement toward their goals. Online G3 is made for serious homeschool students on the fast track to undergraduate and graduate studies. At the same time, it makes learning fun and intuitive.

The course library at Online G3 consists of a wide variety of classes that are available a la carte, to best suit the needs of gifted students who often learn in divergent and unique ways. Although a placement and progression program is available, individual courses may be taken that spark an interest and may lead to further opportunities down the line. 

Being able to choose from a large selection of lessons gives kids the chance to freely explore what interests them, in addition to all of the traditional fundamentals.

The platform at Online G3 allows students to enjoy live weekly seminars, dig into interactive assignments, and enjoy the added freedom of gradeless classrooms that emphasize complete understanding.

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