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A Weekend in Warsaw 


With the turning of the seasons, I decided it was finally warm enough to adventure into other areas of Eastern Europe and embarked on an independent travel trip to Warsaw, Poland over holy weekend (I’m a little behind in blogging).

Aside from the gorgeous 76-degree weather and sunshine, Warsaw offered me a glimpse into deep troughs of history, culture, and resilience. I also experienced personal growth, cultivated travel skills, realized the importance of checking calendars before planning a trip, and learned that I am capable of pulling two all-nighters traveling and coming out the other side grateful for the experience. So, without further ado, I hope you will enjoy a brief look at my adventures through Warsaw!

My excitement as I toppled out of the bus at 4:30 am at Warsaw Central Station was tempered slightly when I realized nothing was open. After a full night’s travel, I wished for nothing more than a bathroom, some coffee, and a cute little place to plan out the rest of my trip. As it was, these needs were satisfied not in the idyllic way I had imagined, but through the one place that opened at 5:00 am on a Saturday: McDonald’s. After spending an hour refreshing and planning, I came to realize that many museums and shops in Warsaw closed down for the celebration of holy weekend. Nevertheless, it still held many gems to uncover.

By the time I boarded my next overnight bus to take me home, I had experienced many firsts. As I traversed the vast city of Warsaw, I experienced gorgeous parks, architectural marvels, and monuments to history both lost and gained.

I bought my first new book and read it on the first warm, sunny day I have experienced since studying abroad; I observed the whole city of Warsaw from a viewing platform; I saw my first live hippopotamus; I explored Historic Old Town; I tried Polish ice cream; I participated in an international church service; I crossed the busiest (and longest) pedestrian bridge I have ever seen; I stayed in my first hostel; I ate my first tiramisu; I viewed numerous churches; and I learned how to navigate all aspects of Warsaw public transit from metro to tram! I also discovered that I would not want to backpack across Europe and should consider luggage lockers for future trips.

And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my adventures in Warsaw! Until my next weekend trip, iki!

My Friends Waiting for the Bus to Take Us Back to Lithuania

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